Wednesday, December 19, 2007

to be, or not to be....

so, now comes the question...... computer arts, photography, or fine arts?

i bit the bullet today and went down to get myself set up for some schooling, which i've been thinking about for about a month or so now. it's only the crappy community college, but they actually seem to have really good programs for both computer arts and photography- they also have a photography AAS that specializes in visual communications, with courses in typography and computer graphics design and advertising... that's kinda cool, too. i know i'm going to take that typography class no matter WHICH road i take, cuz, um, i'm a geek like that >.> so, anyway, it looks like to begin with, i'm going to focus on the classes that i'd need no matter which degree i chose- and i don't mean the yucky gen ed stuff. pretty much every course i'd need for the fine arts degree is one i'd need for either the CA or photography, and some are required for both, so i'll have a decent chunk of time to dally in both and see which way i get pulled.

on a side note, the placement testing was a roller coaster ride for me..... i absolutely BOMBED the math, as i knew i would. but i could have done worse; i at least placed well enough to qualify for the one and only math course i'd need for any of the three degrees i'm looking at, and that's the good news lol..... the excellent news is that i got the highest scores my counselor had ever seen at the community college level XD she said no one ever gets a score of 100, and i didn't- but i got a 98 on the writing exam and a 99 on the reading comprehension XD go me!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

oh, look; a chicken!!!

some random projects that i feel like posting.... i may come back and ramble about these later; i may not. idk. but i feel like putting some more stuff up. so i do. enjoy.

*goes off to chase the chicken around the room, but gets distracted by the kitty.*