Wednesday, March 19, 2008

eeeeeeeeek! choices, choices!

i am considering, at the behest of my drawing professor, entering some photographs into two upcoming juried student exhibitions. while the prospect excites the bejesus out of me, i have no friggin' clue what to enter, and very limited slots to fill for those choices. one exhibition accepts two entry per person, but restricts the top prizes to students under the age of 22, because they're discriminating, prejudiced scumbags. the other one has a MUCH higher prize scale, but only accepts one entry each. i'm thinking that i may only enter the second one, as i may have a better chance with entering two pieces, but the top prize i could win there- if i got anything at all- would barely cover the cost of the custom framing required for the two photographs. that being the case, if i only enter one photo, i REALLY have a hard decision to make. so i'm asking for a little help. the choices are as follow: (and these are all local photos, btw...)


MillerMedeirosPhotography said...

I dont kno wif it is too late, but I like the flower.

Lady Cierra said...

it was a while ago, but i entered the flower =) i didn't win, but there were only 60 entries accepted from the entire metropolitan area... that's seven cities, dozens and dozens of schools, and only 60 entries. so i'm not going to complain XD