Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'ello thar

i've been meaning to add the various projects and works i created during this last semester, but god, i just haven't had the time. i'm still ridiculously pleased with what i've accomplished- i had no idea i would do this well or enjoy myself so much. i almost managed a 4.0, but a B on my final drawing portfolio killed that. =/ oh, well. i'm sure i can fix that. XD anywho..... a couple simple, technical things first. this was a project i NEEDED to do- both because i needed to learn how to use vectors (and frankly, i was very excited to do so), but also because the only logo i have is rasterized, and it's a pain in the tuchas to recreate it in the size i need for whatever i'm using it for. so, then, i give you one logo and one logotype for seven cities graphics:

then there is a project i've already shown you- the black and white vector composition. that assignment was such an immense pleasure to me. trite as it is, i think i'd have to say it changed my life. well, i mean, obviously not my whole life, but certainly some part of it. it's just... a joy i can't describe. i feel so stupid saying it, but there's just nothing else i can say. so here's the original one, the black and white one that i actually turned in:

this, then, led us into our final project, which, as logic entails, was a combination of all the skills we'd learned up to that point. rueckert's preferred way of doing this is to take us into the field of digital surrealism. oh. my. god. if vectors didn't change my life completely, walking through this looking glass did. i spent days online looking at the works of jerry uelsmann, his wife maggie taylor (whose stuff is cute but doesn't quiet strike me as solidly), and george grie. and i am in love with george grie. it is so goshdarn refreshing to find fantastical art that isn't chock-full of cheesy, chintzy wizards and faeries and unicorns and crap. not that faeires are crap, but so often, fantasy art is. but my mind has been blown, completely. i have been playing with so many concepts in my mind since that first day, and they don't stop coming. that sure as heck is a first >.> i even felt so moved to replace the picture i took in maine of the full moon over the ocean with a work by george grie entitled "final frontier voyage", which was made for the flat earth society. it's just GORGEOUS. and seeing it completely wiped any previous ideas i had for my project right outta my mind. i knew was i was going to do, and i knew exactly how. and by god, i did it. and not only was rueckert impressed, but a classmate of mine offered to buy it to hang at her beach house. that'll stoke an ego.

george grie's:

and then mine =)

i'm no george grie, but i'm definitely encouraged >.>

here's to finding more of who you are!!


Chris3356 said...

I'm not really inspired by anybody, I just kind of make up my own styles, but now that I've seen some of Grie's work I have to say wow...I'm gonna try to blend a smidgit of his style into my work...

You captured it pretty well LC....Also good vectoring and nice logo.

Lady Cierra said...

thank you! =D

also, zomg, my first comment! XD

Chris3356 said...

My shit: http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm166/Chris3356-Public/

Tried posting on a blog on here but formatting was screwy, made new public PB account.