Tuesday, June 24, 2008


starting to think about school again... getting really excited for the new semester... i have some classes i am EAGERLY anticipating, such as my fundamentals of design class (2- and 3-D design, with my former computer arts professor), history of modern art (whole semester for this one, not just 8 weeks :D), and the most awesome one- computer painting. like, with the digital pen and pad, instead of a mouse :D i'm stoked about this. i just want to hit the fast-forward button, skip to grandfather mountain, then skip to hatteras, and then skip back to school!!!!!

i've had some graphics play to keep me distracted, though. i've created and completed the save the date cards for my friends chris and kristi's wedding, and will get started on their invitations soon. i won't show them, though, cuz it's not fair for anyone but them to see them until they go out in the mail. but i'm stoked about that, cuz i get to do something unique and meaningful for two of my best friends, and ooohhhhhh, the exposure! :DD their wedding planner is already interested in the possibility of using my services in the future, and kristi wants me to make up business cards so she can give them to people who ask about the stationary. i'm going to be taking pictures of them in garb at grandfather mountain, too, for some photos to be used at the wedding and reception.

aside from this, i've been really kicking my jewelry work into high gear. i'm building up a good inventory of pieces, and generating some good interest, too. i'm thinking now that i may start out by opening a simple blogspot with pictures, descriptions, and contact info for each piece, then hitting up some local craft fairs and art shows, giving out that blogspot's info when someone asks about online buying. i'm really nervous; i'm just not sure which is the best way to go about this. but i'm really enjoying the pieces i'm creating, and the ideas keep coming. also, jim's mom has asked me to make two necklaces to compliment two bracelets she's bought for a friend, and is paying me to make them for her! :D

house search is going well, too... i've completely fallen head-over-heels for a place near here that just screams ME. it's open and airy and so full of character, and natural light, and the most incredible little details and SUNROOM- which already has an easel in it >_> see? it's already ready for me!!! lol... and there are several good office-sized rooms in addition to the bedrooms, so i'll easily have room to organize, sort, and work with all my various crafts.

anywho, off to bed now.... two new sigs to share before i go. the first was a redux of an old sig, just used a brighter, cleaner version of the same painting, and added some little touches and chaged the font. the second was an accident. i was going through my fonts in search of some sci-fi/futuristic fonts i had downloaded when i came across the one i ended up using. it took my breath away for a half-second when i saw it, and then i did a little dance :D



Chris3356 said...

Lol those are nice, House sounds awesome, hope the price isn't too high. As I mentioned on IRC you should try Cinema 4D out, it's takes a while to get the hand of it but it's worth it, gives you a whole new level of projects to undertake..and there's so much you can do with it...I usually include 1 or 2 C4D's in my siggies/

Chris3356 said...

Here's a link to the Cinema 4D Demo.