Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i finally learned something in my computer arts class!!!! other, of course, than how to use a frickin' mac.... god, i never knew how much i love my PC.... anyway- as part of this next project of ours, we are to convert an RGB image into grayscale, then hand-paint the grayscale image. this was the revelation for me- i had no clue what he meant when he said "hand-paint." well, i do now, and i am in love. i came home from class and immediately started searching all my files for black & white images and color images that would convert well for the purpose, and started painting them just for fun. god, i can't believe i never found how to do this before. i'm sure as heck not going to forget >.>
here is a drawing i did of my nephew aiden from a photograph i took of him a few weeks ago at my mom's house, and next is the "hand-painted" redux i did last night.

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