Wednesday, January 16, 2008


today was an exploration into uncharted territory for me... i got a message via myspace that one of my favorite small bands, ceann, is looking for a design for a new t-shirt. they'll make the winning design into a new t-shirt just in time for festival season/st. patty's day. this STOKES me, the thought that something i make could be made into a real product, sold to and worn by people!!! and i absolutely LOVE the shirt i made... the design came extremely easily to me, and it didn't take too long at all. what really took the longest was getting the effects right on the glass, but that was more about being meticulous than it being difficult. i have a good feeling about this, and even if it doesn't win, i'm perfectly pleased by what i made. (click the image to view it full-sized, if you somehow haven't figured that out yet... >.> you just can't appreciate the shirt unless you can read it.)

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